Pro-Stripe Aerosol
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Pro-Stripe Athletic White Aerosol Field Marking Paint - Whitlam athletic marking paints are specifically designed for marking lines, numbers and logos on all types of athletic fields. Our exclusive formula is bright, long lasting, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and has low VOC's to be used on both natural and synthetic turf. Pro-Stripe Athletic Aerosol can be easily applied by hand, wand or Pro-Striper marking machine. The universal spray tip allows the product to be used with most other marking machines providing a clean, crisp line up to 4" wide and approximately 250' in length per 20 oz. can. White aerosol contains optical brighteners for maximum reflectance under UV stadium lights and sunlight. Variety of colors are available. All of which will not harm grass, uniforms or players.



Universal Aerosol Marking Tip



Pro-Striper Aerosol Athletic Filed Marking Machine


  • Item #: PSA-White
  • Manufacturer: Whitlam Paint Company

Pro-Stripe Athletic Aerosol - White - 12 - 20 oz Cans

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