We'd love to help you make playing fields, factory floors, parking lots, or corporate event look beautiful! Our stencils kits are manufactured with either light weight 6 mil polyethylene standard or heavy duty 1/8 inch and 1/16 inch polyethylene. Along with our many standard stencils, we can customize your logo team, mascot, or name in a custom stencil up any size. Call 1-800-321-8358 or email us for a quote.


    Athletic Stencil Kits and Parking Lot Stencils are  specially designed for athletic track, field markings, pavement markings, logos, and advertisings. These high quality poly-ethylene stencils are manufactured with the highest quality material and standards. Easy maintenance is the  advantage to using these stencils. Polyethylene plastic has a non-porous surface and is very flexible. After build-up, most paints (once dry) will flake or peel off by flexing the material.  All stencils listed on this page are available in two thickness; 1/16" (Duro) or 1/8" (Maxi).  The stencil stock code is followed by a "D" for Duro or "M" for Maxi.