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Greens Coat’s proprietary Bright-Fast™ blend combines optical brighteners and lightfast color to help increase
quality and color. Use on dormant, semi-dormant or damaged turf. Great for use on Athletic Sports Fields,
Golf Courses, and Landscapes.

 16 Ounces Per Acre Application Rate
 Cost Effective - Long Lasting Formula
 Designed to Withstand Heavy Traffic
 Helps Provides a Visual Spray Pattern

Greens Coat restores the natural green color of turf during dormant periods or as a spring coating to speed up turf growth in the early growing season. It is a permanent green pigment (not a dye) that contains no hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, or other inert ingredients harmful to turf. Greens Coat turf colorant is suitable for professional turf managers or homeowners who want to achieve a uniform longer-lasting, natural-looking green turf color. Unlike other products that leave behind a less appealing blue color, Greens Coat remains consistently green for the duration of the application period. The natural-looking, long-lasting green color is ideal for close-mowed turf, providing an economical option for greens and tees applications.  

Why use GREENS COAT on Golf Courses?

Saves Water  Greens Coat colorized turf requires far less water than overseeded perennial ryegrass.

Lowers Maintenance Costs   Eliminate direct cost of seed as well as the indirect maintenance costs of mowing, fertilizing, watering and applying herbicides and pesticides.

No Transition Problems   Bermuda grass will green up sooner and more consistently in the spring without competition from perennial ryegrass and poa trivialis.

Course Utilization   Eliminate the course downtime required for bermuda grass germination to take place.

Ease of Weed Control   Controlling fungi with herbicides and fungicides is easier in dormant Bermuda grass as compared to overseeded perennial ryegrass.

Sustain a Stronger Strand Overseeding over long periods of time can create a weaker strand of bermuda grass.

Increased Playability  Dormant Bermuda grass can create subtle changes in course conditions, placing more focus on club and shot selection.


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Greens Coat Turf Colorant with Bright-Fast Technology

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